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The Plagiarist in the Kitchen

Jonathan Meades

From the publisher:

Presents a polemical collection of 125 of the author’s favourite recipes, each one an example of the fine art of culinary plagiarism. In thsi book, he offers advice such ...


The Descent of Man

Grayson Perry

Adam Mars-Jones writes:

John Maltby, the studio potter and sculptor, used to say that you can’t make a teapot about your father’s death. Grayson Perry’s whole career assumes the opposite, ...

The Good Immigrant

edited by Nikesh Shukla

From the publisher:

How does it feel to be constantly regarded as a potential threat, strip-searched at every airport? Or be told that, as an actress, the part you’re most fitted to play is ...

Seven Brief Lessons on Physics

Carlo Rovelli

From the publisher:

Presents what you need to know about modern physics, the universe and our place in the world in seven lessons. In this introduction to modern physics, the author explains ...

The Red Parts

Maggie Nelson

From the publisher:

In 1969, Jane Mixer, a first-year law student at the University of Michigan, posted a note on a student noticeboard to share a lift back to her hometown of Muskegon for ...


John Berger

From the publisher:

‘Language is a body, a living creature ...and this creature’s home is the inarticulate as well as the articulate’. John Berger’s work has revolutionized the way we ...